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Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Obtained her Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) Degree from The British School of Osteopathy (BSO) in London, UK. The BSO is the oldest Osteopathy school in Europe and is well known within the field of Osteopathy for producing talented structural Osteopaths. In addition, she has spent time working in specialist osteopathic clinics with expectant mothers and children. Imogen enjoys adapting her osteopathic techniques to suit the changes surrounding pregnancy and the changes associated with growing up. Imogen is also is trained in sports massage techniques, dance instruction, taping, CrossFit level one coaching and nutrition coaching. 

Imogen has worked in numerous HIV clinics and General Practice Clinics as an osteopathic practitioner in the UK, working with doctors to provide the best care available for immuno-suppressed patients, and patients with complicated chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. She strongly believes that osteopathy can help the body adapt to life’s challenges and improve standard of living.

What to expect in a session:

Imogen is a structurally trained osteopathic practitioner. She likes to consider a wide variety of issues such as hormones and diet and lifestyle in connection with the client’s overall wellbeing. She works with deep tissues, but also focusses on organs and viscera. She uses gentler articulation and mobilization techniques, fascia and muscle stretches and massage. Imogen’s ideal clients are people who wish to see a structurally trained osteopathic practitioner with a softer approach and a willingness to consider multiple factors which can improve overall wellbeing.  She also adores working with newborn babies and infants, helping them to overcome traumatic births, torticollis and a poor latch.


Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Paul has completed a four-year Master of Osteopathy Degree at the British school of Osteopathy (BSO) in London, England. The BSO is the oldest Osteopathy school in Europe and is well known within the field of Osteopathy for producing talented structural Osteopaths.

Paul has experience providing osteopathic care in a wide variety of environments, ranging from office workers with back pain to athletes with muscle strains, to people with severe joint degeneration who are looking for pain management in the lead up to surgery.

He finds his techniques work especially well to manage patients with osteoarthritis and has helped to improve the mobility of elderly patients using osteopathic techniques. Paul has a genuine passion to help find treatment and management plans which allow everyone to find the best way back towards being healthy and pain free.

Paul has previously worked as a personal trainer and Crossfit coach, and enjoys bringing exercise and wellness education to his clients so that they are better empowered to manage their symptoms between sessions. When not practicing osteopathy Paul enjoys hiking with his dogs and working out with Imogen. 

What to expect in a session:


Paul considers himself to be a structural Osteopathic practitioner. Whilst still using holistic Osteopathic principles in his thinking, his training is more focussed towards helping with bio-mechanical issues (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, pinched nerves etc). The techniques he uses most would tend to be firm but controlled joint articulations, stretches, deep tissue massage and active release techniques, with a strong focus on home exercise education. Whilst able to adapt to the client, we tend to refer people who prefer a firmer treatment to Paul.

Registered Massage Therapist,

Aaron holds a Masters in Kinesiology (UBC) and is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  He has a wealth of experience in elite sport including five seasons as a strength coach and manual therapist in the CFL with the BC Lions and Hamilton Tiger-Cats, as well as coaching with other great organizations including the University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, Basketball BC, and Canada Basketball.  Aaron also has experience as an educator, teaching anatomy, physiology, and exercise science as a sessional instructor at the University of British Columbia and Douglas College. Aaron is excited to bring his combined knowledge and experience as an educator, coach, and clinician to the Kamloops community. Outside of his clinical practice, Aaron enjoys an eclectic mix of passions including basketball, Olympic weightlifting, chess, cooking, design, and philosophy. You can learn more about Aaron at www.aaronchew.ca

What to expect in a session: 

As a clinician, Aaron draws theoretical and practical tools from both Eastern and Western medicine to customize a treatment plan for his patients. Aaron’s treatment style blends traditional massage to relax and regulate the nervous system, as well as deep tissue, acupressure, and reflexology techniques to mobilize and heal soft tissues. Leaning on his background in education and strength and conditioning, Aaron places an emphasis on exercise prescription and likes to educate patients on what they can do outside of treatment to optimize their health. 


Krista grew up in Kamloops and lives here with her young family. Through her school years she participated in dance classes, eventually becoming an instructor. In order to pursue teaching ballet Krista went to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for the teacher training program. During this journey, she met some fantastic Registered Massage Therapists and decided to switch career paths. 
Krista stayed in Winnipeg and went to Wellington College of Remedial Massage Therapy. The principal of the college is an osteopathic practitioner and this influenced the treatment style taught in this school. Krista is fascinated by the things she can learn about the body through massage. She chose massage as a career because she wants people to be able to do what they enjoy without pain. Already understanding body mechanics and assessment made it seem like massage was a great way to help people. Krista was a busy massage therapist in Winnipeg from 2014 until she took a break to start a family.  
Krista has volunteered with the MS Society, Tache long-term care center, and Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Center.
Krista still enjoys dance as well as yoga, weight training, and snowshoeing. In her spare time, she is learning to paint and likes photography. Krista and her family love camping in the backcountry, going to the beach and hiking. You may see her with her family hiking the trails and if you’re lucky you might see one of Krista’s cats with her on an outing. 
What to expect from a session:
To achieve desired results Krista uses an assessment of musculoskeletal dysfunction to determine the cause of pain. She works on improving alignment and range of motion, restoring function to the body. Krista has taken courses in pregnancy massage, breast tissue massage,  fascial release, fascial chains, lymphatic drainage, hot stone, and Indian head massage. 
Krista offers Non-registered Therapeutic Massage and Hot Stone Therapy.